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LMU Family of Schools Celebrates Achievements

LMU Family of Schools Celebrates Achievements

FOS Fall 2008 ReceptionThe Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools kicked off the academic year by celebrating the recent accomplishments from the summer and fall. Rep. Maxine Waters attended the program Oct. 15 and commended LMU for its tireless efforts to improve the quality of education for local children.

Started in fall 2006, the LMU Family of Schools is a university-wide partnership with the Westchester educational community. It includes the seven Westchester public schools—Westchester High School, Orville Wright Middle School and Cowan, Kentwood, Loyola Village, Paseo del Rey, and Westport Heights Elementary Schools—parents, teachers and community members, and aims to bolster and support increased classroom results for its students. LMU has also created a more formal partnership with five of the schools that voted to join the iDesign Division, an innovative division within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

More than 90 supporters and stakeholders attended the celebration where President Robert B. Lawton, S.J., and Shane P. Martin, dean of the School of Education, highlighted accomplishments that took place during the summer and early fall 2008 semesters. Among the key achievements was the creation of “transition teams” that managed new hires for the LMU Family of Schools. The teams were responsible for drafting job descriptions and criteria, organizing hiring panels, the recruitment and screening process of incoming candidates.

The process was successfully used at Orville Wright to hire their principal and two assistant principals, and at Kentwood Elementary, which hired an assistant principal. Westchester High also selected interim assistant principals and an interim principal while a nationwide search continues for candidates to fill those positions.

Martin said he was grateful to all of the local partners and remarked that LMU will continue to diligently support and provide resources to transition decision-making and accountability to the local level.

To learn more about the LMU Family of Schools, please visit http://fos.lmu.edu.

[Photo: (from right to left) Shane P. Martin, dean of the School of Education, Rep. Maxine Waters and President Robert B. Lawton, S.J.]