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LMU Expands Services for Future Teachers

Loyola Marymount University students have an additional resource on their way to a career in education. Through the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation (CUTP), students receive support to help them become tomorrow’s education leaders.

CUTP opened its door this semester within the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. It works in conjunction with the School of Education to centralize undergraduate teaching-preparation programs from across the university. The focus of the CUTP is to provide support and assistance to undergraduates who intend to earn their teaching credentials. CUTP advisers encourage students to be engaged learners, critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens.

“My major goals are to provide support for accreditation upon graduation, strengthen relations throughout the university and surrounding community and to promote teaching as a profession to undergraduates,” said Rowena Robles, interim senior director of the center.

“It is an excellent place that prepares students and provides an accessible space to use the computers and resources available,” said Michelle Ramirez, a senior liberal arts major who works at the center and also uses its resources. She is pursuing her multiple-subject credential in elementary education.

For more information about the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation, please contact Marlene Savala, administrative assistant, at 310.338.1748 or visit http://bellarmine.lmu.edu/cutp. The CUTP is located in University Hall 3346.