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LMU Department Gathers Blankets for Homeless Women

After hearing about the lack of resources and aid to homeless women in the South Bay, staff members in the Controller’s Office at Loyola Marymount University decided to take action. They banded together and started a Thanksgiving blanket drive.

“Making blankets was the most popular concept because they provide comfort and can be used immediately,” said Sharon Krieg, coordinator of the blanket drive and director of post-award administration and accounting. “We were all in consensus that it was what we wanted to do to help these women.”

Donations were sought from across the LMU campus. Participants were asked to buy a blanket, donate money and fabric, give coupons to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts stores or to make a blanket themselves. The blanket drive ended up collecting more than 30 blankets.
“The reason I got involved was due to the misfortune of these women,” said Thelma Hsi, a senior accountant. “Showing compassion and helping the needy have enriched my life and enlarged my vision beyond myself.”
A new shelter for women named, Doors of Hope, has recently broken ground in the Wilmington section of Los Angeles and will become the first women’s shelter in the South Bay when it opens in June 2011. The blankets were delivered to Beacon Light Mission, a men’s homeless shelter. The mission is able to help feed and clothe women but it lacks the facilities to accommodate them overnight.

“There really is a vacancy in the support system that homeless women receive,” Krieg said. “The point of Doors of Hope is to enable homeless women to get the services need so they can get out of the cycle of homelessness.

Posted Nov. 22, 2010