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LMU Coordinator Receives Association’s Ignatian Medal

Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht, coordinator for transfer and off-campus programs at Loyola Marymount University, received the Ignatian Medal for Outstanding New Professional in Jesuit Student Affairs from the Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators during their annual conference in St. Louis, Mo.
“It’s a big honor to receive this medal,” Garrison-Engbrecht said.  “And it’s a huge reflection of the university. Off-campus student life and transfer programs wouldn’t thrive without the collaboration and support from other units and departments on campus.”

Garrison-Engbrecht was honored for his work designing and implementing the university’s Address Verification System for off-campus students. Beginning in fall 2009, LMU began collecting the addresses and cell phone numbers of all commuter students as well as their preferred method of communication. This information helps the university plan and maintain community safety and security.

“We’re concerned about all of our students and want to account for every single one of them,” Garrison-Engbrecht said. “If there is an emergency or some other significant event, the system allows us to contact all of our students immediately and provide them with the same information.”

Garrison-Engbrecht also developed an effective transfer student orientation and referral system in addition to creating the Passport Program, which connects LMU transfer students to the resources on campus.. 

“Orientation doesn’t happen in a day. Transfer students are constantly orienting themselves on the campus,” Garrison-Engbrecht said. “We want all of our students to thrive while they’re here.”

The Ignatian Medal is awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the early years of their careers. A new professional is defined as a person with three years or less of service in Jesuit Student Affairs work.

Posted Sept. 7, 2010