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LMU Collects Care Packages for Troops

LMU Collects Care Packages for Troops

Loyola Marymount University has partnered with two local groups to send care packages to frontline troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Students, faculty, staff and friends can get involved by donating items from the troops’ wish list by Thursday, Nov. 13 to one of five collection points on campus.

“It’s so important to let our troops know that we’re thinking about them and that we will do whatever we can to support them,” said Judy Delavigne, executive assistant to the president at LMU, who is coordinating LMU’s efforts. Delavigne is working with the Playa Sunrise Rotary and For the Troops, a nonprofit organization that has sent more than 6,750 care packages to soldiers since 2006.

The care packages include personal hygiene items, candy bars, prepaid phone cards and magazines. Letters of appreciation from children and adults are also included in each shipment, among other items. Click here for a copy of the wish list. Items should be delivered no later than Nov. 13 to: AFROTC (University Hall 3110), University Relations (University Hall 2800), the Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles (University Hall 4114), Center for Service and Action (Malone 360) or the Associated Students of LMU (Malone 101).

“The packages are a link to family, friends and home,” said Delavigne. “It’s important for us as a community to show out troops how much we care for them. Despite the distance their love and longing for home is eased by receiving these packages.”

For more information, please call Judy Delavigne at 310.338.2776.