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LMU Alumni to Serve Nationwide on Day of Service

Loyola Marymount University’s Alumni Association will host a National Day of Service on Saturday, Jan. 31 in 13 regions across the nation.

The day was created in honor of the 10th anniversary of Alumni for Others, an LMU service organization. Every year, Alumni for Others organizes hundreds of alumni to assist those in need through tutoring children, serving in soup kitchens, or renovating inner city Catholic schools.

The first day of service took place in 1998 when Alumni for Others helped rebuild two underserved Catholic schools in Los Angeles, Blessed Sacrament Parish and Saint Columbkille School. This year, organizers Peg Dolan, R.H.S.M., and Linda Marie Lang ’76 chose to work with alumni to lead projects in their respective communities, making this the first year the day of service will be held nationwide, including cities such as San Diego, Boston, and Las Vegas.

Alumni for Others was established to give alumni the opportunity to give back to their communities. Though they may no longer live close to the LMU campus, alumni are united by the service opportunity to fulfill the mission of the university.

“The LMU mission places an emphasis on service to others, which is the core of the Alumni for Others,” Lang said. “By providing service to those in need in our community we are helping to improve the lives of many.”