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LMU Alumna’s Teaching Career Got Boost From Fulbright Scholarship

Ellen Krause ’08 always had a desire to teach children, but she had one problem: a fear of public speaking.

As a history major with a double-minor in German and archaeology, Krause became a curator at the Loyola Marymount University’s Archaeological Museum and Lab, a job that required speaking to large groups of visitors.  Slowly, but surely, Krause began to face her fear.

“I often gave tours for students and guests,” Krause said.  “Eventually, that job really helped me overcome any difficulties I had speaking in front of people.”

The Portland, Ore., native wanted the opportunity to travel after college, and was encouraged by her German professor to apply for the Fulbright program that gives scholarships and travel grants to graduates for research, study, and teaching opportunities in other countries.

Krause was awarded a scholarship to teach English to high school students in Germany for 10 months, an experience she said was unforgettable. “I was able to have an experience that few people can say they have. I lived in another country in a whole new culture and gained valuable teaching experience. I really feel like I have something to show for how hard I worked in college,” Krause said.

Now back in the States, Krause has big plans for the near future.  She will marry her fiancé, Mark Lehman ’06, in September and begin pursuing a master’s degree in history and high school teaching credentials. Krause thanks her professors, and LMU mentors for shaping her budding teaching career.

She added, “Teachers that graduate from LMU are taught to value the development of the whole person, to help others who are in need and to naturally encourage others. We teach because we enjoy it, and we teach our students to learn for the pure enjoyment of it too.”  

Posted Aug. 24, 2009