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Junior Marc Napp Goes to the Next Level as Coach of Youth Team

Junior Marc Napp jumped at the chance to coach lacrosse players in a youth league after his coach at Loyola Marymount University announced the opportunity last fall. Napp said the experience has allowed him to learn that it’s never too early to start passing on his appreciation of the game.

“My main goal is to spread my knowledge of lacrosse. [Also, I hope] that one day the kids we teach will become coaches themselves,” Napp said.

Things have come full circle for Napp: He is coaching third- and fourth-graders — the same level he began to play. As a coach, Napp is responsible for instructing the youth on a one-on-one basis, and for teaching the parents an unfamiliar sport. LMU sophomore John Gilbreath and senior Greg Sharron also coach for the league.

The youth league in the Westchester area of Los Angeles started its second year in January, and Napp said that he is excited to be a part of another season. “Knowing that I was one of the original coaches is pretty special because I would like to follow my players as they grow older and go [on to] play in college,” Napp said.

This experience has benefited the growth of lacrosse in the community, and LMU’s lacrosse team. “As a player you [usually] think what you are doing is the right thing, but as a coach I see lacrosse from a whole new point of view and I have taken that lesson with me to my LMU team,” Napp said.

Napp said that he is planting seeds for a more long-term development of the sport and hopes to see West L.A. join the ranks of more developed leagues, such as those in San Diego, Orange County, and Northern California.