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Jo Englesson ’96 Learns the Value of Appreciation

Jo Englesson '96Jo Englesson ’96, who majored in economics, was traveling to Sweden in June 2007 when she accidentally bumped into a man at the airport. Instead of getting angry, the man turned around and gave her a big hug. In appreciation for his warmth and kindness, Englesson wanted to give the man something in return, but she had nothing to offer him. At this point, Englesson thought of the Token of Appreciation, or TOFA, coin.

A TOFA coin is a coin that a person can give to another in appreciation for an act of kindness or service.

“The idea behind TOFA is simple: It’s all about appreciation,” Englesson said. “The TOFA coin has the power to thank someone for what they did or said to make a difference.”

A person can receive the coin in one of two ways: the coin can be purchased online (www.tofa.us) or a person can be given one. Englesson hopes the coin will help to promote world peace through simple acts of appreciation and kindness. She plans to have 1,000,000 coins in circulation by 2010. Last month Englesson launched www.tofa.us, an international social networking community Web site. Every coin has a unique serial number. People who receive coins can register their coin at the Web site allowing others to track the coin as it is exchanged from one person to another, perhaps around the world.

The Web site also features testimonials from people who have given or have received a coin, resources for books and workshops on transformation and healing and other updates regarding TOFA.

Englesson has learned a great lesson about giving and receiving in her own life. She has committed herself to giving away one TOFA coin a day for one year.

“Opportunities are coming back as fast as I am giving them away,” Englesson said. “I am living with more purpose. Each morning I wake up and do something I love.”