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Jesuit Transfer Network Offers Mobility and Ease for M.B.A. Students

The Jesuit Transfer Network celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, having served more than 500 M.B.A. students. In 1996, a group of Master of Business Administration degree directors and administrators from several Jesuit universities established the network to accommodate working students who had been relocated to another city.
“In today’s job market, it’s common for M.B.A .students to get transferred halfway through the program,” said Rachelle Katz, associate dean and M.B.A. director at Loyola Marymount University. “The Jesuit Transfer Network was developed to respond to these student’s needs. It allows them to make a move to any program in the network with ease and flexibility.”

The multilateral agreement between 24 of the 28 Jesuit and Catholic universities in the U.S. allows a student to transfer to an M.B.A. school in the network with most, if not all, of their credits. The student is required to meet the admission requirements of the school they wish to attend, and, depending on how far along they are in the program, they will either earn an M.B.A. from their admitting school or their transfer school.

Joe Marcello, M.B.A. ’09, was attracted to LMU’s part-time M.B.A. program because of referrals from colleagues and its high rankings. However, a year into the program, he received a job offer he couldn’t resist as a manager of operations, news and information finance at NBC News/MSNBC in New York City. Through the network, Marcello transferred to Fordham University without any problems.
“It was very easy to transfer,” Marcello said. “Everyone was helpful throughout the process. They went over what I needed in order to transfer and even advised me on what classes I should take.”
Reema Zuberi, M.B.A.’09, a project manager in construction management, didn’t want to start an M.B.A. program knowing that there would be a strong possibility of her moving frequently because of her job. She became interested in the Jesuit Transfer Network after finding out that she could transfer credits to an affiliated school. But it wasn’t her job that made her transfer from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, to LMU: she got married and her husband took a job in Southern California. Zuberi went to work in Irvine and finished her degree at LMU.
“I was surprised that transferring was so easy. I was expecting a fight and that credits wouldn’t transfer or that I’d have to reapply,” Zuberi said. “There are many reasons that I'm glad I picked a Jesuit school and the network is definitely one of them."

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