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Internship Puts Gina Gonsalves '09 in the Middle of the Action

Gina Gonsalves ’09 has always wanted to work in the sports industry, and an internship with the Los Angeles Lakers Public Relations Department gave her the chance.

Of approximately 200 students who applied, the business marketing major was selected to be the “Monday” intern. Five interns were selected, one for each day of the work week.

“With Monday being the first day of the week my boss warned me that I had a huge responsibility and very large shoes to fill,” Gonsalves said. “Nonetheless, I was willing and eager to accept the challenge.”

Gonsalves’ duties included searching for articles featuring the Lakers in the news media, preparing press packets for each game, and even attending games, something Gonsalves finds to be the best part of the job. “I have constant interactions with the Lakers and some of them know me by name. It’s so great to be right in the action. I have access to almost anywhere in Staples Center and take laps around the court throughout the game,” Gonsalves said.

With graduation behind her, Gonsalves is searching for a public relations job, and hopes to land a position working for a team on the West Coast. She recommends all students take advantage of the internship opportunities to be found at LMU.

“I am so very thankful for such a rewarding internship and strongly believe that with the right amount of effort and willpower, any student from LMU could accomplish an internship as fulfilling as mine,” Gonsalves said.