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Henry Luce Foundation Grant Aims to Help Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

Loyola Marymount University’s Huffington Ecumenical Institute has received a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to help examine challenges faced by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The grant, which will be distributed over a three-year period, seeks to build bridges between the Catholic and Orthodox churches through educational conferences.

“Given the continued conflicts, war, and turmoil of the world, there is a pressing need for reconciliation and dialogue that will promote peace,” said Robert B. Lawton, S.J., president of LMU. “The conferences will allow Catholic and Orthodox Christians to come together and learn about each others’ beliefs so that they may engage in meaningful and productive dialogue.”

The Henry Luce Foundation grant will fund three of the Huffington Ecumenical Institute’s upcoming conferences: Women and Church, East and West, in 2010; War and Peace, in 2011; and Pan-Orthodoxy, in 2012. The events will include partnerships with Fordham University, and the international ecumenical departments of the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Based in the Department of Theological Studies and directed by Dorian Llywelyn, S.J., the institute was founded in 2005 to promote Catholic-Orthodox relations. The institute formulates strategies for reconciliation among Catholic and Orthodox communities, promotes rigorous scholarly research on ecumenism, and conducts grass-roots events to stimulate constructive dialogue between these different ecclesial traditions.

Posted Jan. 5, 2010