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Graduation Marks New Beginning for Trinh Ho

Graduation Marks New Beginning for Trinh Ho

trinh ho finalReaching his senior year at LMU has truly been a challenging journey for business administration senior Trinh Ho. In 1990, when he was four years old, Vietnam’s Communist regime drove Ho, his parents and three older brothers out of Vietnam. Eventually, they came to America.

“We left everything behind and came here empty-handed,” said Ho. Through a humanitarian program, the family settled in Hawaii. However, their lack of education and limited English-speaking skills, coupled with financial strain presented many adversities during those first years.

Even at a young age, Ho’s father always advised his sons to make their education a priority and always remember to pray. “My dad is my role model. He endured a lot for us back home and has always worked very hard for his family,” explained Ho. “His dream was to see all of his sons go to college and make a life for themselves.”

Attracted by LMU’s religious identity and the small student-to-faculty ratio, Ho enrolled at the university. “The biggest thing LMU provides is that it keeps your life in balance,” said Ho. “There are many opportunities to grow, both personally and spiritually, and of course the education I’ve received is great. … You would be surprised at the amount of people helping you here.”

But according to Ho, the experience would not have been possible without the generosity of LMU’s donors. “Receiving scholarships is the reason why I am still able to attend a prestigious university like LMU,” explained Ho. “If not for the generosity of donors, advisors and faculty who in all ways helped me receive financial aid, I believe I would still be back at home working part-time and going to a community college. Words cannot express how blessed and appreciative I feel for the help I received. As I prepare to graduate in a few days, I want to thank all of them for their continued support.”

During his four years at LMU, Ho has been very active in programs such as the Christian Life Community, where he has found a “second family.” In an effort to serve God and the community, he has fulfilled duties as a sacristan. Ho has also done work-study jobs to offset the cost of his education while still maintaining an excellent grade point average.

Ho currently works part-time as a financial management trainee at the Los Angeles Air Force Base, where he will continue a full-time career upon graduation. This job complements his business administration degree and its emphasis on Computer Information System and Finance.

“I want to thank my parents, brothers and friends for their love and guidance. For my parents, watching their youngest child graduate from a prestigious university completes their long awaited dream since leaving Vietnam” said Ho. “But to me this is a new beginning.”