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Film Student Inspired by LMU Summer Workshop

Andrew Okoye ’12 first learned of the School of Film and Television’s Summer Creative Workshop from his Digital Imagery teacher in high school.  The program brings high school students to Loyola Marymount University’s campus to experience the filmmaking process.  Eager to learn about film, Okoye jumped at the chance to attend.

“Being in the workshop was amazing,” he said. “I was around friends, as well as student workers and great professors, so I felt welcomed. It definitely made me want to attend LMU.”

The workshop mentors promising high school sophomores and juniors from the Los Angeles inner city. Known as Fieberg Fellows after the program’s founding donors, Paul and Patti Fieberg, students spend ten days with LMU professors and guest speakers in classes on story and screenplay development, direction, film production and the full range of 3-D and 2-D animation. The workshop students also collaborate to direct and act in four original films.

Okoye was awarded the Fieberg Fellows Scholarship for alumni of the program who have demonstrated academic excellence in high school. Now a screenwriting major, Okoye attributes his success in school to what he learned in the workshop.

“The workshop prepared me for film school because it reminded me of how diligent I needed to be once I was on my own. It's something you have to put your heart into, intelligently and creatively.”

Okoye hopes to blend his passion for video games with screenwriting.  So far, he has enjoyed attending LMU and the surprises the campus brings.

“I decided to major in screenwriting after learning the basics from Professor Mark Schwartz during the program. Coincidentally, he became my screenwriting professor during the spring semester of my freshman year and it became one of my favorite classes. I’m really looking forward to the next few years.”