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Distinguished Author Credits LMU for her Success

With 17 U.S. patents to her credit and 16 years of industry experience in medical devices and telecommunications, in­cluding a variety of research and systems engineering posi­tions, Baura ’84 decided to re-enter the academic world in 2006 as a professor at the Keck Graduate Institute of Ap­plied Life Sciences in Clare­mont, Calif.

“Teaching gives me the opportunity to pursue lines of research that interest me,” says Baura, whose research specialty is the application of system theory to patient moni­toring and other devices. “I take physiologic signals and use mathematics to develop new diagnostic parameters for medical devices.”

Baura has written three textbooks, including “Engineer­ing Ethics: An Industrial Per­spective,” a practical, indus­try-based book on how ethics actually work in the real world. The book shows “how ethical problems and decisions can affect the entire professional careers of engineers, scien­tists and others involved with technology and industry,” ac­cording to Mechanical Engi­neering Magazine.

Currently working on her fourth textbook, Baura is also a senior member of the Insti­tute of Electrical and Electron­ic Engineers (IEEE), an associ­ate editor for IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Maga­zine and the author of numer­ous articles.

“LMU laid the foundation for my career,” Baura says. “As time goes on, I realize that the education I got at LMU was as good as anywhere. You feel nurtured, and you know the professors. When my first book came out, I e-mailed my engineering professors to send them a copy, and they in­vited me out to lunch. This is 18 years after I graduated. At a big school, they would have said ‘Gail who?’”

After graduating from LMU, Baura received her mas­ter’s in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering from Drexel University, and her doc­torate in bioengineering from the University of Washington.