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Communication Student Values LMU Support

Communication Student Values LMU Support

tricia kaminskiTricia Kaminski described her first year at Loyola Marymount University as full of excitement. Meeting new friends, getting to know her professors and engaging in service activities allowed her to ease into college life. As she begins her sophomore year, Kaminski feels fortunate to have found support for her continued success at LMU.

Growing up, she heard her father rave about his LMU experience, but the decision to attend LMU was ultimately left to Kaminski. It was during a visit to the campus to see her sister, also an alumna, that Kaminski knew it was the place for her.

“The first thing that attracted me to LMU was the welcoming environment. Everyone is so friendly and willing to lend a helping hand with any problems you may have,” explained Kaminski. “There are also many opportunities to get involved and give back to the community, and that is something that I really want to be a part of throughout my college years.”

Kaminski has been involved in fundraisers that benefit children with disabilities, AIDS awareness walks and volunteered with a soup kitchen. “I am passionate about social justice issues,” she says. Additionally, by participating in intramural soccer, she is obtaining a well-rounded college experience.

Her genuine love for learning gets her through the long study hours. It is hard for her to single out one favorite class, but as a communications major, she believes that Introduction to College Writing has given her a strong foundation. “My professor was very supportive and she really cared and was passionate about what she was saying,” said Kaminski, who is considering a career in advertising.

She is grateful to have received a Raymunde McKay, RSHM Scholarship, which is awarded to deserving descendants of LMU alumni. “Without the scholarship, coming to LMU would not have happened,” said Kaminski. “I think I appreciate it so much more and I’m going to work hard, because I feel so lucky to be here. Being at LMU has given me a strong sense of identity.”