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City of Inglewood Honors Belles Service Organization

Belles Honored By City of InglewoodThe City of Inglewood honored the Belles Service Organization for their volunteer work in the community. For the past six years, the Belles have dedicated themselves to provide the children of Inglewood with homework assistance and tutoring at the Inglewood Public Library. The service organization was honored with a commendation by the Mayor of Inglewood, Roosevelt F. Dorn, at the Public Council meeting on April 22.
Belles President, Dina Ramirez, said she believed community service is important because “it makes you have to be willing to give of your own time and energy to help someone else, out of the goodness of your heart and not for an extrinsic reward.”
Belles’ moderator and alumna Belle Donna Gray expressed her pride in the members of the organization.  “We have a long standing saying, which is ‘once a Belle, always a Belle,’ and that’s why I am honored to give so much of myself to them and to the organization. I am very proud of the women in the organization and incredibly proud of the fact that they have represented LMU and its mission so well [that] they are being recognized by the city of Inglewood.”
The Belles were nominated for this award by Robin Hunter, one of the librarians at Inglewood Public Library and the head of the Children’s Youth Services. Founded in 1960, Belles is the oldest women’s service organization on at LMU.  Today this 50-member organization is composed of sophomore, junior and senior women dedicated to giving time and service to the University and the community beyond. Each Belle is committed to completing at least 30 hours of service per semester.

Photo: Front Row: Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt F. Dorn (holding the commendation) and Richard J. Siminski, Inglewood Public Library Director (at end of row).
Back Row: Inglewood City Council Members, Eloy Morales, Jr., Judy Dunlap, Daniel K. Tabor, Ralph L. Franklin.