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Catholic Teacher Training Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

PLACE Corps, Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education, a Loyola Marymount University Catholic teacher-service program, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. The post-graduate program has had a broad impact on schools in the Los Angeles area. In the 2009-10 school year, more than thirty Catholic schools in L.A. had a PLACE Corps member on the faculty.
Each PLACE Corps cohort is made up of about 25 members who live in communities, most of which are renovated convents, around Los Angeles. Each member teaches in an L.A.-area Catholic school and takes night classes at LMU. Members earn a preliminary California teaching credential by the end of the two-year program.

PLACE Corps director Diana Murphy said, “We’re looking for people who make education and their communities a priority.” Murphy stressed that PLACE Corps is a service program; the three pillars of the program are professionalism, spirituality and community. Murphy has been involved in the program since its formation. She said that the success of PLACE Corps has exceeded her expectations. “I’m proud of the program. I’m proud of LMU for embracing it,” she said.

Many PLACE Corps alumni continue teaching at their school assignments after completing the program while some pursue educational leadership positions or additional degrees. Murphy said that at least five alumni are principals; eight are in Ph.D. or Ed.D. programs; and five to 10 more are in administration leadership programs. “What we’re seeing come out of the program is educational leaders,” Murphy said.

PLACE Corps will commission its 10th cohort July 29, at a 4 p.m. Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel on the LMU campus.

Posted July 6, 2010