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Career Development Services Guides Students Into Internships

Many students are working in or searching for internships, those entry-level work assignments that can sometimes lead to bigger things. Loyola Marymount University’s Career Development Services knows how important internships are to students and to employers. So, the department has become an effective conduit between the seekers and the sought after.

“Employers come to us,” said Donald Ward, internship specialist for Career Development, “because of the reputation our students have as employees. The LMU mission helps them bring a different quality and mentality to the workplace.”

Ward, who has been in Career Development for four years, said the department is careful to monitor the internships they manage. In addition to ensuring compliance with federal labor standards, Career Development gauges the educational quality of the students’ internships. “It has to be a learning experience for the students,” Ward said. “It needs to be an opportunity for the students to assess their interests, their strengths and weaknesses, and get a feel for the work environment.”

Career Development has more internships available – mostly unpaid assignments – than students to fill them. And, Ward cautions, not all internships are of the same quality. But they will give students practical experience and work-related knowledge that may be of use to them later. An important component in Career Development’s work is connecting with alumni who hire interns. “Alumni are among our greatest supporters,” Ward said, pointing out their participation online and attending career and job fairs.

Career Development Services is responsible for on-campus student employment, career counseling and internships and employer services. Students who are interested in more information about the department or internships, can visit here. Any alumni or employer interested in posting or exploring employment/internship opportunities can contact Ward at dward14@lmu.edu or go to the employers’ Web page here.

Posted on July 19, 2010