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Business College Revamps Curriculum to Meet Needs of 21st Century Students

For the past year and a half, administrators at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration took a close look at their curriculum to see if was meeting the needs of 21st century business students. That review resulted in an innovative introduction to the business world, a core curriculum that focuses on today’s business environment, and the introduction of five majors in business and business administration.

“We have structured our foundational courses to give students a deep understanding of what it means to be a business major,” said Mahmoud Nourayi, associate dean of the college and chair of the Department of Accounting. “Our core courses have been updated to reflect the world our students will face when they graduate.”

The four foundational courses – one-unit classes taken one per semester during the freshman and sophomore years – form a creative introduction to the CBA mission. The courses are: business institutions, ethical decision models, technology in organizations and globalization. Together they will focus the students’ understanding of business concepts.

The core courses that resulted from the review take business students to the next level of expertise. The courses cover accounting, statistics, planning, information systems management, among other disciplines. Students are educated in the latest management theories, taught the necessary management skills and are prepared to apply analysis to real-life business circumstances. The CBA curriculum committee tailored the core to meet needs of 21st century managers and represents the experiences business students will face in their careers.

The new CBA majors are: applied information management systems; finance; marketing; management; and entrepreneurship. Nourayi said that the goal of the new majors was to provide more in-depth knowledge in those fields and to better guide students as they choose career paths. In addition, the CBA will work with local industries, such as transportation, the ports and entertainment, to offer experiential and service-oriented courses.

For further information about the College of Business Administration, go to http://cba.lmu.edu.