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Annual SFTV Student Film Festival Honors More than Craft

The Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television hosted its annual Film Outside the Frame film festival and awards ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 1.

The event, held at the Daryl F. Zanuck Theater on the lot of 20th Century Fox, honored student filmmakers and industry professionals for their dedication to the craft of filmmaking and their support of social justice.

The 2009 student honorees include Rachel Corrales, Best Sound Design; Andrew Freire, Best Animation; Garrett Shannon, Panavision Cinematography Award; Mark Chaput, Twentieth Century Fox Screenwriting Award and Best Comedy Screenwriting; Leonard Menchiari, Best Documentary; and Darin Read, recipient of the Dreier Family Editing Award, Best Film, and Best Director.

Sophomore Andrew Freire’s winning animated music video “In My Head” was greatly influenced by Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

“It’s a simple philosophical concept,” Freire said, “But we twisted it and adapted it to a modern setting. Our film is about the destruction of a naive perception of reality, in light of truth. Truth may sometimes be ugly, but we can either adapt, or live in a primitive state of ignorance and denial.” 

The project began as a group assignment. At the guidance of his professor, Freire and his team decided to submit the film to the festival. “We were completely ecstatic to find out we won. It’s an honor. It’s a huge honor to screen along side these other amazing films,” Freire said. 

Click here to watch the music video directed by Freire.

To learn more about Film Outside the Frame and its 2009 honorees, visit http://sftv.lmu.edu

Posted Oct. 5, 2009