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Inclusive Pedagogies Events

The following series of events was organized by the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Associate (2009-10) Deena Gonzalez, PhD., Professor of Chicana/o Studies at LMU.

Events were co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, College of Communication and Fine Arts, Department of African American Studies, Department of Chicana/o Studies, American Cultures Program, and the Vice President for Intercultural Affairs.

The links below are to PDFs of publicity and handouts from the various events. They are set to open in a new window.

"How Inclusive?": October 5, 2009

Introductions and Opening Discussion

Tony Gleaton, MFA, Guest Speaker: October 19, 2009
Visiting Professor of Photography, Texas Tech University

"The Art of Historical Redress by Use of the Iconic Image"
Public Lecture

"THE BLACK ROUTE WEST: Manifesting Destiny"
Workshop for LMU Faculty

Ronni Sanlo, EdD, Guest Speaker: November 9, 2009
Director, UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center and Director, Masters of Education in Student Affairs Program

"Creating Welcoming Environments for LGBQTI Students and Scholarship"
Public Lecture

"Creating Welcoming Environments, or, Who's in my Class?"
Workshop for LMU Faculty

"Inclusive Pedagogies: What's Next?": December 14, 2009
End of Semester Discussion

"Inclusive Pedagogies: Continuing the Conversation": March 23, 2010
Roundtable Discussion

Michael Olivas, JD, Guest Speaker: April 26, 2010
William B. Bates Distinguished Chair in Law and Director, Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance, University of Houston Law Center

"Colored Men and Hombres Aqui"
Public Lecture

"God, Grades, and Sex: The Developing Law of the College Classroom"
Workshop for LMU Faculty