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Class and Pedagogical Videos

The videos below showcase creative pedgagogies and inspiring classes taught by our colleagues at LMU. For more information about their classes, please contact the respective faculty members.
All videos have been produced by LMU Academic Creative Services unless noted otherwise. For detailed credits, please follow the links below.

Janna Goebel, English, Internationalization at LMU: Supporting our growing international student body, January 2014. [PDF]

Todd Shoepe, Health and Human Sciences, Online Education, April 2012.

Jeff Phillips, Physics, Kathy Clemmer, CMAST, Jeremy McCallum, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Thomas Zachariah, Mathematics, PENS Project: Problem Solving with Technology, April 2012. [Project Page]

Kevin Wetmore, Theatre, Renaissance Drama in Action, January 2012.

Daniel Smith-Christopher, Theological Studies, Christianity and Native America: Theology on the Rails, June 2011. [by Web, New Media, and Design, Communications and Government Relations; LMU Magazine Article]