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Teaching Award Submission

Excellent teaching is at the core of LMU's educational mission. LMU has many outstanding teachers whose work has been recognized by awards. We showcase excellent teaching by listing teaching awards received by LMU teachers.

If you received a teaching award or know of someone who received a teaching award that should be featured in our list, please provide the following information to suggest inclusion in our list of teaching awards. Please provide as much information as possible to facilitate inclusion.

If you have any questions, please contact us at teachers@lmu.edu.

Thank you.

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Instructor's Name:
Instructor's Department:
Name of Teaching Award:
Date of Award Announcement:
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Description of Teaching Award:
Link to Teaching Award Website:
Award Selection Procedure (please indicate whether selection was based on self or third-party nomination, application, vote or other procedure, and who made the selection):
Link to Awardee Bio:

Thank you.