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The President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award

The President's Fritz B. Burns Distinguished Teaching Award was established in 1993 to encourage and recognize excellence in teaching at Loyola Marymount University. These faculty members, nominated by their peers, are recognized as successfully uniting a distinguished record of teaching and an outstanding contribution to research.

Announcement Letter and Guidelines 2013-2014

Each recipient was asked to provide a teaching statement outlining their commitment to excellence in education.

2014 Ralph Quinones, Marketing and Business Law
        2014 Rains/Burns Faculty Award Ceremony (31:40-52:15)

2013 Yvette Lapayese, Specialized Programs in Urban Education
        2013 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony (5:11-10:10)  

2012 Kelly Younger, English
        2012 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony (4:35-19:09)   

2011 Brian Treanor, Philosophy (Profile Video: Why Philosophy)
        2011 Rains/Burns Faculty Awards Ceremony (5:28-19:47) 

2010 Curtis Bennett, Mathematics

2009 Tina Choe, Chemistry

2007 William Fulco, S.J., Classics and Archaeology

2006 Raymond J. Toal, Electrical Engineering and CS

2005 Jacqueline M. Dewar, Mathematics

2004 Fred Kiesner, Management

2003 Judith M. Scalin, Dance

2002 Robert D. Winsor, Marketing

2001 Herbert J. Ryan, S.J., Theological Studies

2000 Mary Elizabeth Ingham, C.S.J., Philosophy

1999 Michael R. Cullen, Mathematics

1998 Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Business Law

1997 Rudolph Fleck, Art and Art History

1996 Jane W. Crawford, Professor of Classics

1995 Michael Genovese, Political Science

1994 Marie Anne Mayeski, Theological Studies

1993 John H. Grever, C.F.M.M., History