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Funding for SoTL Publication Charges - Guidelines

SoTL Page Charge Request Form



On January 30, 2007, Dr. Ernie Rose, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, announced his commitment of financial support for the costs associated with publications related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). SoTL is the work faculty do when they

  • apply their disciplinary knowledge to investigate questions about teaching and learning,
  • draw conclusions based on evidence provided by students,
  • submit those conclusions to peer review and
  • make them available for others in the academy to build upon.

This program is intended to provide funding for items such as page charges for journal articles, the cost of artwork or graphics to be included in articles or books already accepted for publication, or subvention charges for books (unless they can be charged against future royalties). Currently, the maximum available amount per SoTL publication is $500. If charges exceed this amount, other potential sources of funding include college or departmental funds.

Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis by a reviewing group consisting of the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and two members of the Committee on Excellence in Teaching. Recommendations for funding will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs.

To request payment of SoTL publications charges, use the attached request form to submit the following information:

  • Your name, department, and college
  • Title of article or book or book chapter
  • Abstract of article, preface of book, or summary of book chapter
  • Name of journal or publisher
  • Amount and type of funding requested ($500 maximum)
  • Documentation that this is a SoTL publication: A copy of the editorial policy of the journal* regarding the types of articles it seeks to publish, or a similar statement from the publishing house regarding the types of manuscripts it seeks to publish.
  • Documentation of the cost to be incurred, such as, a copy of the page charge invoice, copy of the letter detailing the subvention charges and indicating that they cannot be charged against future royalties, an invoice or estimate from the artist or graphics source. Include and highlight payment information.

* The Center for Teaching Excellence webpage ( provides a number of resources related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning including a link to an extensive list of journal outlets for the scholarship of teaching and learning. This list, while extensive, is not exhaustive. New SoTL journals are constantly being developed and many disciplinary journals that focus primarily on scholarship of discovery do sometimes publish scholarship of teaching and learning. Suitability for payment of the charges under this program will be determined by the reviewing group based on the information provided in the request form.