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Carnegie SoTL Work

SoTL work at LMU: An extension of work begun as an institutional participant in the Campus Program of the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), 2006-2009.

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In October 2009, the three-year Carnegie Affiliates program, for which LMU served as the coordinating institution, drew to a close. The final collective report of the Affiliates was submitted by LMU Affiliate coordinator, Jackie Dewar, in December 2009. On October 21, 2009, at the final convening of CASTL at University of Indiana, Bloomington, LMU presented the results of its own institutional exploration as an Affiliate of the role of scholarship of teaching and learning on its campus. To continue to take advantage of the visibility and legitimacy that the Carnegie name lends to this work, institutions in the Affiliate program could apply to carry on their work on the scholarship of teaching and learning under the Carnegie banner for two more years. In Fall 2009, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching granted LMU the privilege to describe its SoTL work as "an extension of the work begun as an institutional participant in the Campus Program of the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), 2006-2009." Toward that end LMU has identified a team to coordinate further scholarship of teaching and learning work on the campus and posts this public copy of its statement of intent. LMU's activities and progress during the extension period, 2009-2011, are summarized in a report to the Carnegie Foundation.

At the national level, a consortium of universities consisting of Canisius College, Columbia College Chicago, Creighton University, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Loyola Marymount University, and Truman State University formed to continue the CASTL Summer Institute model. As before under Carnegie Foundation leadership, the summer institute introduces faculty to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). For an additional two years, the summer institute was run by the consortium as the CASTL National Summer Institute. Since 2012, the summer institute is run as the International Institute for SoTL Scholars and Mentors (IISSAM) by the same consortium of universities; LMU is organizing the institute in 2012 and 2013.

After the Affiliates culminating activity at Indiana University on October 21, 2009, as coordinating institution for the Affiliates, LMU drafted a proposal to the Transformative Dialogues journal ( for an issue that would be dedicated to disseminating the Affiliates’ work and presenting their perspectives on the attraction, value and future of SoTL. The editors of Transformative Dialogues agreed to dedicate their July 2010 issue to the Affiliates’ work. The opening article will describe who the Affiliates are, explain why the Affiliates’ voices have something to offer to the conversation about the future of SoTL institutionally, and report findings from a self-study on what inspired these institutions to “officially” connect to the SoTL movement, in what ways they found this connection useful, what has been particularly influential in initiating or carrying out SoTL work on their campuses. This journal issue will serve as a final dissemination piece for the work and insights of the 2006-9 Carnegie Affiliates. Each Affiliate has the opportunity to submit an article describing their work during their time as 2006-9 Carnegie Affiliates.