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Additional SoTL Resources

Foundations and Societies

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching -

IATS International Alliance of Teacher Scholars -
ISETL International Society for the Exploration of Teaching and Learning

ISSOTL Intl. Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning -

The Scholarship of Teaching: What's the Problem? - Randy Bass, Georgetown University, Inventio, vol.1 #1, 1999.

This article is one of the formative articles of the scholarship of teaching and learning movement in the United States. In the article, Professor Bass discusses the different treatments that teaching problems and research problems receive in higher education. The Advancement of Learning: Building the Teaching Commons - Mary Taylor Huber & Pat Hutchings, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2005.

This book gives illustrative examples, describes the benefits of SoTL work, and details the institutional structures necessary to support faculty engagement in this work. The work of Curtis Bennett and Jackie Dewar in investigating student learning in mathematics is included as an example of "regular" faculty framing and systematically investigating questions about teaching and learning in their own classrooms.

Poster Tool
KEEP Toolkit See

The Carnegie Foundation’s KEEP toolkit is a set of web-based tools that help teachers organize and document their work on the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Qualitative Data Gathering and Analysis

Coding Data Resource Kit: Visible Knowledge Project, Georgetown University

This on-line resource provides an introduction to coding qualitative data (ie open ended responses) See

Focus Groups by Barbara Millis, Director Excellence in Teaching Program, University of Nevada Reno.

This is a basic resource for learning how to conduct focus groups. Much of this discussion can also be applied to group interviews. It also provides Excel tools for focus group analysis.

Protocol analysis: verbal reports as data by Ericsson, K. Anders and Herbert A. Simon. (1993) Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

A classic text discussing analyzing interviews, think-alouds, and other verbal data. This text also describes how think-alouds are conducted (p. 167 discusses key assumptions).

The Knowledge Survey: A Tool for All Reasons by Edward Nuhfer, Idaho State University and Delores Knipp, United States Air Force Academy (2003, To Improve the Academy, v. 21, pp. 59-78.) See

This article discusses knowledge surveys, how to use them, and their validity.

Journals that Publish SoTL

For a list of journals that publish SoTL research and/or address issues in higher education, visit:

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Publication List

See for an extensive list of journals