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Spring Blood Drive

Date/Time/Location: February 18-20, 10am-4pm, St. Robert's Auditorium

Contact: Center for Service and Action
Tom King, x85727,

Activity: CSA and the service organizations coordinate one blood drive each semester for UCLA’s Blood and Platelet Center. Every pint collected saves 3 lives so please consider donating to this important cause! To schedule an appointment, please call the CSA at 310.338.2959 or email Appointments are every 10 minutes.

Keywords: Blood Drive, UCLA, Blood and Platelet Center

Professors and/or classes that have been involved in the activity in the past:
Professor Rachel Waterstradt, Philosophy 160 and 320
"I have incorporated the blood/marrow registry drive in my Philosophy 160 and especially in my 320 classes. Phil 320 is ethics, and to have the opportunity to do something that takes 25 minutes of time that can save up to three lives seems a concrete "ethics in action" example. [...] The blood drive always falls in the middle of our study of Kant, and the idea of doing an ethical action for the reward you might get vs. doing the action because it is good in itself is a central issue to discuss while reading the Grounding, so it is able to be worked in nicely."