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Agape Latte Speaker Series

Date/Time/Location: October 3 & November 14, 9pm, Meet in the Cave (below Sacred Heart Chapel)

Contact: Campus Ministry, x82860,

Activity: The Greek word “Agape” describes a love that needs nothing in return. In forming students at LMU who seek to be “men and women for and with others,” the Agape Latte Speaker Series invites faculty and staff to share in their own faith experiences with students freely and honestly. In doing this, this program seeks to allow students to deepen in their vocational discernment, faith, and overall passion. Speakers are TBD.

Keywords: Faith-Based, Speaker, Vocation, Faith, Passion, Justice

Faith/Spiritual Component: Faculty and staff share personal faith-centered stories or accounts with students in an effort to allow students to be better prepared to discern their vocation, deepen in their faith, and live a life of passion.

Professors and/or classes that have been involved in the activity in the past:­ Dr. Abbie Robinson-Armstrong, Dr. Bob Robinson, Fr. William Fulco, and Barbara Busse