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HRC Human Rights Coalition

Date/Time/Location: Weekly one-hour reflection meetings.  For the Fall Semester of 2011, students are meeting on Wednesday evenings from 9-10 PM in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart CAVE Common’s space in Campus Ministry.

Contact: Campus Ministry

Activity: The Human Rights Coalition (HRC) strives to strengthen the LMU community’s commitment to live out the school’s own mission statement of “encouraging learning, the education of the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice.” The HRC does not take this often confusing and misunderstood LMU mission statement lightly. Rather, the Human Rights Coalition is committed to discovering and living out this vision to its fullest by becoming people for and with others, especially for the poor, voiceless, marginalized, and those most in need in our midst. The Human Rights Coalition students strive to integrate their faith and justice through weekly theological and social analysis reflection sessions and concrete actions throughout campus and the larger community including with Passion Magazine, the SOA/WHINSEC National Protest, Campus Prayer services, and collaborative efforts with the LMU Lions Garden, the Cesar Chavez Worker Appreciation Luncheon, and other activities.

Experiences: Students involved in the HRC yearn to understand and integrate justice and faith. The Human Rights Coalition becomes a community where LMU students can express their passion for social justice and peace through conversations, reflections, social analysis, prayer services, questions, action, and by engaging a diversity of speakers on social justice and faith issues. The Human Rights Coalition continually seeks to build relationships and collaborate more closely with others on justice and peace activities. The HRC “Unite” is an effort to bring together student groups, clubs, service organizations, the Greek communities, departments, and professors to coordinate concretely on acts of justice and activism here at LMU.

Keywords: Justice, Reflection, Action, Passion, Faith.

Faith/Spiritual Component: Students involved in the HRC are passionate about social justice issue and long to integrate their passion for justice in concrete actions.  In essence, students strive to embody an active faith in the promotion of justice in their college experience at LMU. The Human Rights Coalition uses a theological and social analysis model of reflection that engages their lived experiences while reflecting as a community rooted in faith and their academic studies in a manner that leads to constructive, passionate, and faith-filled action.

Background: Students draw from their weekly classroom, organizational, student affairs campus activities, service opportunities, and other lived college experiences to come together to reflect upon and discuss these experiences in the light of social analysis and faith in a manner that leads to action.  This is the methodology of the weekly reflection groups led in a non-hierarchical model of student leadership and collaborative group sharing. 

Professors and/or classes that have been involved in the activity in the past: