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Hunger Retreat 2012

Date(s)/Time(s)/Duration/Location(s): Spring 2012, TBD

Campus Organization, Contact Person and Contact Information: Center for Service and Action

Activity: The two-hour event is a follow-up to the Hunger Banquet and is based on the seven tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.  This interactive evening includes an analysis of local hunger, a discussion on a document from Pope Benedict, and a sharing of a simple meal. 

Experiences: In conjunction with Dr. Jennifer Ramos’ course “Political Science 210, Empirical Approaches,” the 2nd Hunger Retreat was held on March 25, 2011. Twenty-five students attended the Retreat last Spring.

Contact: Center for Service and Action
Tom King at (310) 338 - 5727 or at

Keywords: Hunger Banquet, Catholic Social Teaching, Pope Benedict, local hunger

Faith/Spiritual Component:

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Professors and/or classes that have been involved in the activity in the past: