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Fall Blood Drive

Date(s)/Time(s)/Duration/Location(s): October 4-6, 10am-4pm St. Roberts Auditorium

Campus Organization, Contact Person and Contact Information: Center for Service and Action

Activity: CSA and the service organizations coordinate one blood drive each semester for UCLA’s Blood and Platelet Center.  In AY 10-11, the fall drive collected a record 607 units of blood and the spring drive collected 494 units of blood for a total of 1101 pints for the academic year.  The previous record of pints collected at one drive was 592.  Overall, 1312 people “participated” in the Blood Drives (there were 211 deferrals).

Contact: Center for Service and Action
Tom King at (310) 338 - 5727 or at


Keywords: Blood drive, UCLA, Blood and Platelet Center, fall/spring blood drive

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