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De Colores 2011-12

Date(s)/Time(s)/Duration/Location(s): Weekend Service Trips to Tijuana, Mexico, offered every month by Campus Ministry (possibility of arranging a special trip for campus groups, organizations, or classes.) 

2011-12 Trip Dates:  September 9-11,  October 7-9,  November 11-13,  December 16-18,  January 13-15,  February 10-12,  March 9-11,  April 13-15,  May 6-8, and a trip in June and July.

Campus Organization, Contact Person and Contact Information: Campus Ministry, Marty Roers, or 310-338-5390

Activity: De Colores is a weekend service/immersion trip for students from LMU focused on building homes, local community centers, schools, orphanages, and other community buildings with the people of Tijuana, Mexico.  De Colores strives to build community, both amongst ourselves and with our Mexican sisters and brothers. Through these relationships, we grow and learn first-hand about issues of social justice, immigration and poverty. We become immersed in the culture and lived reality of our Mexican neighbors while striving to embrace their great spirit and faith. De Colores service trips can be transformative experiences of stepping beyond borders; physical, cultural, linguistic, and personal.

Experiences: A typical weekend includes students partnering with Tijuana residents to work on community building projects, visiting a shelter for migrant men, playing with kids at a local Orphanage, seeing the U.S./Mexico border, learning about immigration issues first-hand, and making new friends. Through collaboration with our neighbors to the South, LMU students have an experience of working with the poor, rather than simply working for them.

Keywords: Service, Immersion, Mexico, Faith, De Colores

Faith/Spiritual Component: This is truly an experience of striving to put our faith into action and allowing our actions to transform our faith.  Through this service immersion weekend experience, students also engage principles of Catholic Social Teaching especially in regards to “solidarity” and longing to live an “Option for the Poor” with our neighbors across the border to the South.  LMU students engage the essence of our LMU mission of truly living the education of the whole person, being in the service of faith, and acting in the promotion of justice through simply working throughout the weekend experience.

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Professors and/or classes that have been involved in the activity in the past: Prof. Robert Stephans, History 
Comments: Campus Ministry has developed a whole resource manual for our student leaders to assist in the creation and leading of daily reflections in regards to faith, service, poverty, immigration issues, border issues, and community dynamics.  This is an extensive manual in which various components can be used or geared to a particular theme, issue, or topic depending on the weekend and the interests of the particular participants on a trip.