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CSA Service Retreat 2011

Date(s)/Time(s)/Duration/Location(s): Thursday, October 13 - Saturday, October 15, 2011.

Contact: Center for Service and Action
Maria Aldereta at (310) 338 - 2957 or at

Activity: Every year, student leaders work closely with both Campus Ministry and the Center for Service and Action (CSA) to host an annual “Service Retreat.” This unique weekend experience invites LMU students to participate in a transformative weekend of service in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. The Service Retreat Team has been working to make this weekend an experience of social action, analysis and prayerful reflection. The weekend will consist of living for a weekend in Skid Row, a well known area in Los Angeles with one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. The weekend will be a combination/mixture of service, speakers, and conversations about issues surrounding homelessness.

Experiences: Students spend the weekend learning about the vast issues surrounding homelessness in Skid Row while staying and serving meals to over 500 homeless people at Midnight Mission and Cardinal Manning. This intensive three-day experience takes place over fall break. The Service Retreat has been an eye-opening and moving experience for the LMU students that participate each year.

Keywords: CSA/Campus Ministry, fall break weekend, Skid Row, reflections, homelessness

Faith/Spiritual Component: We begin and end with a prayer service in Huesman Chapel as well as end each day with prayer and reflection. 

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