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CTE Teaching Certificate

CTE Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Certificate Program 2013-14 [Program Flyer]

The program will allow LMU instructors to carefully develop or redesign one of their classes, from backward course design to assignment development. We will be working as a learning community providing feedback on each other's designs and activities – everybody will be working on his/her own classes and rely on the group and facilitators for feedback. The class will involve peer review and class observations, and development of multiple feedback and other tools tailored to each participant's class. Details of the coverage of these topics will be tailored towards the interests of the participating faculty. At the end, participants will receive a certificate documenting their participation in the program.

The program has a limited number of slots – all faculty welcome. Preference will be given to those attending the whole program. Graduate students planning to teach or already teaching college-level classes will be considered. Participants should be teaching a class this semester or in the spring so that they can benefit from class observations and peer review; if you are not teaching either semester, please coordinate with the CTE Director before applying.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please submit an application here ASAP.
Please get in touch if you have any questions: teachers@lmu.edu.

The tentative schedule for the program is
     Learning Styles and Teaching Philosophy
11/04      Learning Taxonomies and Learning Outcomes
     Backward Design I
     Backward Design II (incl. Assignment/Assessment Tools)
     Peer Review Basics
     Class Observations I + Feedback
     Instructional Technology Use
     Class Observations II + Feedback
04/07      Teaching Portfolios
     TBD based on participant interest
All meetings are Monday afternoons, 4:00 - 5:30pm, in UNH 3030.

The program will mostly follow a flipped-class model (readings, etc. ahead of meetings, meetings will be used to work on design and other aspects). Usually, all contributions should be mailed to the teachers account latest Sunday night (before the Monday meetings) so they can be made available to other participants for feedback or preparation; on occasion and announced ahead of time, the deadline may be a bit earlier. All participants are expected to engage each other and to actively participate in the program.

Please note: The CTE Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Certificate Program is an LMU-internal program for LMU instructors aimed at higher education teaching and learning. The CTE Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Certificate is not a primary or secondary teaching credential.