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CTE Master Teachers

Master Teachers 2015-16

Master Teachers are highly successful teachers who are experienced practitioners and experts in one or more pedagogies or teaching technologies that are of relevance and interest beyond their own classes, departments and colleges/schools. The Master Teacher program celebrates their achievements as teachers and makes their valuable experiences and skills visible and accessible to other faculty at LMU. Master Teachers are available to their colleagues to share their experiences and for consultations about their teaching.

Goals of the Master Teachers Program
  • Facilitate effective teaching through sharing of best practices.
  • Build and sustain an active learning community to support teaching innovations.
  • Work collaboratively across departments and colleges/schools.
  • Develop a support network for faculty to improve and enhance teaching.
  • Strengthen faculty community and culture of dialogue and collaboration.
  • Recognize outstanding teaching and inspire continuous improvement of teaching.

Expectations of Master Teachers

  • Proven teachers with a consistent successful teaching record.
  • Full-time long-term faculty with high teaching expectations and dedicated to academic excellence.
  • Willingness to share teaching material, experiences, and ideas with colleagues.
  • Availability to be observed in class by colleagues interested in learning new pedagogies or teaching technologies.
  • Readiness to help colleagues address teaching challenges in the areas of their expertise.
  • Contributions to pedagogy discussions and participation in CTE events.
  • On-campus availability and teaching of at least one course per semester.
  • Sharing of a short bio, description of teaching philosophy and pedagogical approaches, as well as a photo.

Selection of Master Teachers

  • Master Teachers are nominated for one-year terms that are renewable.
  • Suggestions of Master Teacher nominations are welcome in the late spring of every year.
  • Master Teachers are selected over the summer for the following academic year.
  • Master Teachers have diverse skills and backgrounds and represent a variety of teaching experiences.

Master Teachers 2015-16
Master Teachers 2014-15
Master Teachers 2013-14
Master Teachers 2012-13
Master Teachers 2011-12

Nominations for Master Teachers 2016-17 will be available HERE in late Spring 2016.
Third-party and self nominations accepted. The nomination form consists of four screens, an intro screen, info about the nominee, qualities of the nominee that justify nomination (teaching areas and domains of strength), and a sign-off screen.

Master Teachers Announcement from Provost and Executive Vice President Joe Hellige