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Rethinking the Student Learning Experience

Beth Brewer, Ed.D., Specialized Programs in Urban Education, Faculty Associate 2013-14

Incoming undergraduate students experience education and learning in a multitude of ways that are influenced by standardization (e.g., the Common Core State Standards), federal and state legislation (e.g. NCLB), and learning frameworks intended to create competitive academic and professional environments. Upon entering the university community, they adapt these experiences and their learned skills as best possible to facilitate academic success. How can understanding our students' experiences support student learning and our teaching, in particular, our ability to develop courses that are rooted in rigor, creativity, innovation, and wonder? What can we do to meet students where they are and challenge them to think critically and consciously? How do we improve the overall student learning experience?

By examining the impact of standardization, the Common Core State Standards, Webb’s Depths of Knowledge, and 21st Century Learning Skills, we will discuss the impact these policies have on students' expectations of learning as they enter their undergraduate courses. Exploring and understanding the current pre-university educational environment will help shape pedagogical practices and highlight the importance of innovation and collaboration in higher education. The programming will focus on how our pedagogical choices may be ehnanced while working collaboratively to addresses the learning needs of 21st century learners.


10/1/13: If Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, where are Our Students From?

Presented By: Beth Brewer, EdD, School of Education, Director of Catholic Teacher Preparation and CAST

11/5/13: The Common Core State Standards: Why They Matter

Presented By: 
Michael Castiglione, MS, Ed, Specialized Programs in Urban Education
  Lindsay DeVeny, MS, Ed, Specialized Programs in Urban Education