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SoTL Showcase

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Showcase Week 2011: October 4 - 7, 2011 (Flyer)

Tuesday, 10/4 Wednesday, 10/5 Thursday, 10/6 Friday, 10/7
9:00am -11:00am
SoTL Appointments

12:15pm - 1:35pm
SoTL Keynote Address:
Dialogic Pedagogy: Improving
Students' Learning through
Faculty Interactions

3:00pm - 5:00pm
SoTL Poster Session
9:00 - 11:00am
SoTL Workshop:
Teach Me What You Know:
Strategies for Collaborative
Course Design
12:15pm - 1:35pm
Core Panel Discussion
2:00pm - 3:30pm
QQSW: Intro to Sampling
and Hypothesis Testing
Dr. Sherry Linkon Dr. Sherry Linkon LMU Faculty Dr. Andrew Healy

Tuesday, October 4, from 9 - 11am, in University Hall 3030

    Individual appointments and drop-in times with
Dr. Sherry Linkon

Tuesday, October 4, at 12:15pm in University Hall 3030

    SoTL Showcase Keynote by
Dr. Sherry Linkon

    Dialogic Pedagogy: Improving Students’ Learning through Faculty Interactions
    ECHO Recording of SoTL Showcase Keynote

Traditionally, faculty have seen our classrooms as separate, even personal spaces. While we recognize that our courses build on what students have learned from colleagues and help prepare them for future learning, few of us spend much time talking with our colleagues about how we teach. We might commiserate with colleagues about the challenge of getting students to do the reading or to get to class on time, but we don’t talk about the real heart of what we do – helping students develop the ability to use core concepts and methods. We’re even less likely to talk in any depth about how we teach or what we teach with people from other disciplines. This talk will consider why we don’t engage in significant dialogues about teaching and how talking – within and across disciplines -- about what we want students to learn and how we facilitate their learning can help us teach better and enrich our academic lives.
Lunch will be included, RSVP to or (310)338-5866.

Tuesday, October 4, from 3 - 5pm on the 3rd Floor Skyway Outside CTE and in the Marymount Institute Lounge

    SoTL Showcase Poster Session and Reception

   LMU Faculty SoTL Posters and Summer Assessment Workshop Participants (booklet)

The poster session offers the opportunity to engage each other in conversations about our teaching, to learn from each other and to be inspired by our colleagues’  teaching experiences across the disciplines. The poster session showcases systematic investigations by LMU faculty into  teaching and learning in our classrooms and the assessment of it. It also provides background information on the scholarship of teaching and learning at LMU as well as assessment activities. The CTE will report results from the latest SoTL survey, in particular about our understanding of scholarship of teaching and learning as well the main topics of teaching and learning faculty would like to engage in. The reception with some good finger food and wine will provides a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in which to meet each other.

Please let us know whether you plan to attend so that we can make sure we have enough food and drink:

Wednesday, October 5, from 9 - 11am in University Hall 3030  Space is limited RSVP for this workshop.

    SoTL Showcase Workshop by Dr. Sherry Linkon

    Teach Me What You Know: Strategies for Collaborative Course Design
    ECHO Recording of SoTL Showcase Workshop

LMU’s new core curriculum invites faculty to develop interdisciplinary courses of several kinds. It builds on a widely-accepted idea that students benefit from interdisciplinary learning and from courses that help them make connections across the curriculum. The idea is wise, but moving from idea to practice is a challenge. While many faculty identify their work as interdisciplinary, they define that concept in many different ways. Others feel uncomfortable teaching outside of their areas of expertise. We don’t think we know enough, or we worry about getting things wrong. So we have a paradox: we want to offer good interdisciplinary courses but we don’t necessarily know how. Team teaching is one way of solving the problem, and when developed thoughtfully, team-taught courses can help faculty gain confidence in working beyond their disciplinary boundaries. Collaboratively-designed courses, whether taught by multiple faculty or taught individually by members of a team that planned the course together, can not only help student learn but also give faculty rich opportunities for expanding our perspectives, developing relationships beyond our departments, and gaining fresh insight on our own fields. To make it work, we need to find ways to frame deep, critical, intentional conversations and to translate those conversations into concrete course plans. Participants in this workshop will learn about and practice some concrete strategies for learning together to design effective and truly interdisciplinary courses.

Thursday, October 6, from 12:15 - 1:15pm in University Hall 3030

    Core Curriculum/SoTL Event

    "Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Teaching at LMU" Panel Discussion

We will be hearing about examples of successful and fascinating interdisciplinary classes that are being taught at LMU, discuss the opportunities and challenges of such classes, envision new classes and projects to be undertaken, and also consider the support necessary for such interdisciplinary teaching. We hope to have a broad discussion involving all participants.


Elizabeth Drummond, History, “History & Literature of the Holocaust” (team taught with Holli Levistky)
Kam Dahlquist, Biology, “Biological Databases” (team taught with John Dionisi)
Sue Scheibler, Film and Television Studies, ”Embodiment of Mind and Meditative Gaze” (team taught with Robin Wang)
Kevin Wetmore, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, "Catholic Spirit in Drama"

Additional panelists TBD.

Lunch will be included, RSVP to or (310)338-5866.

Friday, October 7, from 2pm - 3:30pm in BCL eClassroom UNH 3212

    QQSW: Introduction to Sampling and Hypothesis Testing
    Presenter: Dr. Andrew Healy, Economics

In this workshop, we will discuss simple ways of describing and summarizing data. We will start by going over the most basic ways of capturing what data can tell us: histograms, means, and standard deviations. After these methods, we will discuss the ideas of using samples to understand populations, along with how to use samples in any field to test hypotheses. For example, in economics, we might want to use a sample of households to determine whether it was generally true that losing a job causes people to be more likely to divorce. Hypothesis testing methods enable us to determine both an answer to this question and an estimate of how certain we are of that answer.

Refreshments will be included, RSVP to or (310)338-5866.

This event is part of a series of Quantitative and Qualitative Skills Workshops (QQSW) hosted by the CTE, supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) at LMU.

Sherry Lee Linkon is a professor of English and American Studies, and Co-Director of the Center for Working-Class Studies at YSU.  She was a Carnegie Scholar in 1999, and in 2003, she was named Ohio Professor of the Year.  Her book Teaching Working Class (University of Massachusetts, 1999) was named one of the ten best academic books of the 1990s by the readers of Lingua Franca magazine.  She has published articles and an online course portfolio about her research on teaching interdisciplinary analysis in literary and cultural studies, and she has given workshops and presentations on course design, interdisciplinary learning, teaching working-class students, and approaches to scholarship of teaching and learning at colleges and universities around the country.  She recently published a book based on 10 years of SoTL research on students learning in literary studies, Literary Learning: Teaching the English Major (Indiana, 2011). In addition to her work in SoTL, she has been at the forefront of developing New Working-Class Studies.  Her interdisciplinary research on representations, place, and ideas about work appears in articles and in her book, Steeltown USA: Work and Memory in Youngstown (Kansas, 2002), co-authored with John Russo.  She was the founding president of the Working-Class Studies Association.

Sherry Linkon SoTL Showcase Photo

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