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Training Students to Become Strategic Thinkers

Event date: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM
Location: CTE UNH3030

Training Students to Become Strategic Thinkers: Research, Theory, and Applications ( Event Flyer )
Presentation Slides (pdf)
ECHO Recording of Presentation

Self-regulated learning (SRL) refers to a process involving the proactive and systematic planning, use, and adaptation of specific strategies during learning activities. Students who are more self-regulated tend to be more goal-directed, self-aware, and motivated to engage in the learning process. These students are also more likely to persist when faced with academic challenges and are highly strategic as they attempt to optimize their learning. Of particular importance is that over the past couple of decades many researchers have shown self-regulatory processes to reliably and consistently differentiate high and low achievers. Attendees of this presentation will learn about self-regulated learning (SRL) theory and its’ application to academic settings. Particular emphasis will be placed on illustrating the characteristics and key processes of the self-regulated learner as well as tips for optimizing and facilitating students’ strategic and self-directed behaviors in a college context. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions about how self-regulation and motivation constructs can be applied to their areas of specialty.

Lunch will be included, please RSVP toteachers@lmu.edu or (310)338-5866.

Timothy Cleary, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Timothy J. Cleary is an Associate Professor and Training Director of the School Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Professor Cleary’s primary areas of research and professional interest include the development and evaluation of self-regulation/motivation assessment tools and intervention programs applied to academic, athletic, and clinical contexts. He has developed an innovative assessment technique called Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) Microanalysis as well as a tutoring intervention program to enhance students’ strategic skills and academic achievement (Self-Regulation Empowerment Program (SREP)). Dr. Cleary has also explored current trends in school psychology assessment, intervention, and consultation practices and has engaged in national and international consultation activities to improve educational and clinical practices of teachers, school psychologists and medical education professionals.

Dr. Cleary will also hold a workshop from 3 - 5pm on "Cultivating an Empowering Instructional Context: The Role of Self-Reflection and Process Feedback"

This presentation is part of Vandana Thadani's Faculty Associate project on Student Engagement and Reflective Learning.