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SoTL Showcase Workshop

Event date: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Location: CTE-UH3030

ECHO Recording of SoTL Showcase Workshop

LMU’s new core curriculum invites faculty to develop interdisciplinary courses of several kinds. It builds on a widely-accepted idea that students benefit from interdisciplinary learning and from courses that help them make connections across the curriculum. The idea is wise, but moving from idea to practice is a challenge. While many faculty identify their work as interdisciplinary, they define that concept in many different ways. Others feel uncomfortable teaching outside of their areas of expertise. We don’t think we know enough, or we worry about getting things wrong. So we have a paradox: we want to offer good interdisciplinary courses but we don’t necessarily know how. Team teaching is one way of solving the problem, and when developed thoughtfully, team-taught courses can help faculty gain confidence in working beyond their disciplinary boundaries. Collaboratively-designed courses, whether taught by multiple faculty or taught individually by members of a team that planned the course together, can not only help student learn but also give faculty rich opportunities for expanding our perspectives, developing relationships beyond our departments, and gaining fresh insight on our own fields. To make it work, we need to find ways to frame deep, critical, intentional conversations and to translate those conversations into concrete course plans. Participants in this workshop will learn about and practice some concrete strategies for learning together to design effective and truly interdisciplinary courses.

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