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SoTL Showcase Keynote

Event date: Tuesday, October 04, 2011, from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM
Location: CTE-UH3030

ECHO Recording of SoTL Showcase Keynote

Traditionally, faculty have seen our classrooms as separate, even personal spaces. While we recognize that our courses build on what students have learned from colleagues and help prepare them for future learning, few of us spend much time talking with our colleagues about how we teach. We might commiserate with colleagues about the challenge of getting students to do the reading or to get to class on time, but we don’t talk about the real heart of what we do – helping students develop the ability to use core concepts and methods. We’re even less likely to talk in any depth about how we teach or what we teach with people from other disciplines. This talk will consider why we don’t engage in significant dialogues about teaching and how talking – within and across disciplines -- about what we want students to learn and how we facilitate their learning can help us teach better and enrich our academic lives.

Lunch will be included, please RSVP to or (310)338-5866.