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Promoting Student Engagement in Online Classes Part I: Virtual Classes

Event date: Thursday, February 21, 2013, from 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM
Location: CTE - UNH3030

Promoting Student Engagement in Online Classes Part I: Virtual Classes [Event flyer]

Presented By: Todd Shoepe, Health and Human Sciences

Student engagement – represented by the total time that students spend in the presence of course material is one of the cornerstones of successful educational practice. This session will focus on the behaviors and specific actions of the instructor that are related to student engagement. By understanding the role the instructor plays in promoting student engagement, activities can be generated to match course learning objectives. Results from a recent investigation describing the relationship between instructor action and student engagement will be presented. Participants will take away from this session the ability to better understand how to design and facilitate live online class sessions. While the examples for this session come from online synchronous class transcripts, there will be application to all instructional practices.

This presentation is part of Todd Shoepe's CTE Faculty Associate Project on Examining the Pedagogy of Online Education and Technology.

ECHO Recording

Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to teachers@lmu.edu or x85866.

This program will be video and audio taped and may be podcast. By your willing participation in the program, you expressly and irrevocably consent to be photographed, videotaped and/or audio taped and quoted/cited. The films, tapes, and other digital recordings will become the property of the Center of Teaching Excellence, LMU.

Library Materials

Defining Student Engagement:

Online Student Engagement: Computer Mediated Communication: