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Dorothea Herreiner, Ph.D., Director

Dorothea Herreiner has been the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) since summer 2011. Her goal is to create a welcoming, energizing, supportive, and collaborative environment where faculty members have the opportunity to reflect about their teaching, the encouragement of learning, and the pursuit of academic excellence. She strives to make the CTE the one-stop place where LMU teachers can find information, support, and inspiration to support the continuous development and improvement of their teaching and to address all teaching-related questions. Dorothea seeks to encourage the exchange of teaching experiences and ideas among faculty members, the discussion and explorations of new pedagogies and teaching technologies, and the formation of mutual faculty support structures and learning communities. She is available for individual teaching consulting and scholarship questions that are related to teaching and learning.

Dorothea is an Associate Professor of Economics. She received her PhD in Economics at the European University Institute in Florence. In her research, Dorothea has focused, among other topics, on trading relationships in decentralized markets, on justice and fairness criteria, and on competition attitudes of men and women. Dorothea is a dedicated, inspiring and demanding teacher who thoroughly enjoys working closely with students, fostering learning and critical thinking, and experiencing student progress and success. She has been voted Teacher of the Year by students repeatedly. Dorothea has teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level; she has taught classes such as Intermediate Microeconomics, Game Theory, Mathematics for Economics, Economics of Justice and Fairness, Economics of Art, and others.

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Bianca Infanzon, Administrative Coordinator

Bianca Infanzon is the Administrative Coordinator for the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). She is a Loyola Marymount University alumnus and received her BS in 2010. She has previous experience in the LMU Academic Affairs office and assisted various academic committees involved in the new Core curriculum, academic planning and review, and university-level curricular changes.

  Bianca Infanzon

Rachel Washburn, Ph.D., CTE Faculty Associate, Spring 2014

Rachel Washburn is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Loyola Marymount University. She received her doctorate in medical sociology from the University of California, San Francisco. Rachel’s research explores the politics of knowledge production and technologies in the health sciences. She is currently working on a project that examines the politics of measuring human exposures to environmental chemicals in the US during the latter part of the twentieth century. At LMU, Rachel teaches courses on medical sociology, environmental sociology, and science, technology, and society.

Project: Engaging Students in Disciplinary Ways of Knowing and Practicing
As instructors, we often develop courses that emphasize specific subject area knowledge without making explicit the core assumptions that shape the production of such knowledge. Research has shown that deeper learning occurs when students understand the connections between the key concepts and methods of inquiry that characterize particular disciplines. This semester’s program explores strategies for making these connections more central in our coursework. Through workshops and formal presentations, faculty members will: a) examine discipline-specific approaches to producing knowledge, and b) identify the challenges they face in encouraging students to become independent thinkers capable of understanding and creating knowledge in their disciplines and beyond.

Crafting assignments that explicitly communicate expectations and provide the guidance necessary to facilitate independent thinking are essential to introducing students to ways of thinking and practicing in different disciplines. By identifying and describing all of the steps involved in preparing for and completing assignments, we assist students in producing thoughtful, high-quality work. We will explore and discuss best practices and examples from across disciplines.
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