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Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) supports LMU's teaching mission and the University's goal of academic excellence by providing support to enhance teaching and encourage learning. The CTE offers a variety of programs and services to faculty such as workshops and presentations as well as individual consultations. It provides an open and supportive environment for professional dialogue about teaching and collaborative learning. The Center offers grants to investigate teaching and learning, and to implement, assess, and document pedagogical innovations, as well as support for educational conference travel. The CTE offers other forms of assistance for faculty such as access to expert teachers, information about pedagogical and curricular innovations, and a resource library along with other materials on this website.

The Center for Teaching Excellence was established in 1998. It was developed by the faculty through the leadership of the Committee on Excellence in Teaching and is supported by its own endowment.

The CTE is located in University Hall 3030. The CTE classroom has up-to-date presentation equipment including a computer, digital projector, audio, visual, and classroom capture technologies.



This page has last been properly updated in late August. The new webpage should become available shortly. Please check http://cal.lmu.edu for CTE events in the meantime.


11/12: Stimulating Student Civic Engagement
11/18: Engaging Learners through Discussion
11/19: Understanding Temperament: Introversion ...

Part-Time Faculty Orientations:
12/15/15 - 01/09/16

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CTE Grant Deadlines
Full-Time Faculty:
Walsh SoTL Grant: 1/29/16
Scholarly Teaching Grant: 1/29/16

Part-Time Faculty:
Course Development Grant: 04/01/16
Mentor Program: 12/11/15
Course Design Workshops: TBD
Teaching Award: 2/26/15

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Reading Suggestions

Freeman, S., Eddy, S., McDonough, M., Smith, M., Nnadozie, O., Jordt, H., Wenderoth, M. P. (2014). "Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics." PNAS. [pdf]

Mueller, Pam A., Oppenheimer, Daniel M. (2014). "The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking." Psychological Science.

... and more HERE ...

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