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General Project Requests

Requesting a project?  You're in the right place.  Complete the form below to request a project evaluation and/or assistance with Web, new media (audio/video/flash), advertising, print (newsletters, postcards, brochures, fliers, etc.), photography, and other resources and services provided by Communications + Government Relations.

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Your Contact Information
Project Information
What is the name of the project/event?
Define the target audience for this project:
Define the desired outcome of the project:
Does this project have a budget code or funding to cover costs associated with creating the requested materials?
If yes, indicate the budget number:
What is the budgeted amount that has been allocated to this project? (in dollars)
Indicate the desired completion date for this project:
Pick date
Will the project include any of the following? (check all that apply)
web pages / website
print materials
electronic communications (e-mail)
audio and/or video content
press release
other advertising
Project Details + Services
If this project includes WEB components, select the services you are requesting (check all that apply):
I'm uncertain of specific services - I just need help with the web on this project.
CREATIVE: design or redesign a website
CREATIVE: produce or edit flash animation
GENERAL: create or develop information architecture (navigation + organization strategy)
GENERAL: write or edit/repurpose text content
GENERAL: migrate existing site to content management system
GENERAL: customize cms templates, pagetypes, or other cms features
TECHNICAL: create online form for payment processing or calculators
TECHNICAL: create website metrics reports
TECHNICAL: create custom web application and/or database
If this project includes PRINT or written components, select the services you are requesting (check all that apply):
booklet or multi-page publication
special event materials (programs, save-the-date cards, invitations, reply cards, envelopes, maps, etc.)
direct mail and/or other mass communications materials
press release
If you need print materials, what is the approximate quantity?
If this project includes PHOTOGRAPHY components, select the services you are requesting (check all that apply):
original photography (at an event or of locations and subjects)
existing photography (search existing photo database)
stock photography (non-LMU imagery of common landmarks, concepts and events that may require licensing and/or royalty fees for use)
Submitting the Project Request
Almost there. Thank you for your time and patience in providing us with your project request information. By checking the box below, you signify that you understand that a staff member will contact your office in 3-5 business days to discuss the project. You also understand that projects may require significant time, personnel, and budgetary resources, which may delay project evaluation and/or completion. We reserve the right to refer your project to an assigned external vendor.
I agree.