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Current Members

Web Advisory Committee
2010-2011 Members

  • John Kiralla, Chair
    Senior Director, Web, New Media and Design
    Communications and Government Relations
  • Kristine Brancolini (Library)
    Dean, University Libraries
  • Robbie Nakatsu (College of Business Administration)
    Associate Professor, Finance and Computer Information Systems
  • Gary Kuleck (Seaver College of Science and Engineering)
    Associate Professor, Biology and Associate Dean
  • Patrick Hogan (Business and Finance)
    Director of Financial Planning
  • Chake Kouyoumjian (Graduate Division)
    Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Matt Fissinger (Enrollment Management)
    Director of Undergraduate Admission
  • Kathy Ash (School of Education)
    Associate Dean, School of Education
  • Stephen Ujlaki (School of Film and Television)
    Dean, School of Film and Television
  • Lisa Piumetti Farland (Alumni Relations)
    Executive Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
  • Kathleen Flanagan (University Relations)
    Vice President, Communications and Government Relations
  • Richard Rocheleau (Student Affairs)
    Associate Vice President, Student Life
  • Michael Sun (Administration Division, Information Technology Services)
    Director, Software Architecture and Programming
  • Michael Sutton (Undergraduate Student, ASLMU)
  • David Rogoff (Graduate Student)