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Web Domain Name Policy

Section 1: Background
Internet domain names are used to identify a business, organization, institution, or other entity in cyberspace. A domain name is a unique identifier that allows the creation of e-mail addresses, web pages, and other Internet-based services. .EDU internet domains are assigned to degree-granting educational institutions. EDUCAUSE is the organization that has been delegated, by the Internet Assigned Names and Numbers Corporation (ICANN), as the registrar and monitoring authority for the assignment of .EDU Internet domain names.

The Internet domain name assigned to Loyola Marymount University is LMU.EDU. The University recognizes 'LMU.EDU' as its official domain name. 'LMU.EDU' is legally registered to the University, and like other marks of the institution, is restricted to the University's use, policies, and guidelines. The fully qualified and supported name for the University's World Wide Web presence is WWW.LMU.EDU.

Section 2: Unified Domain Name Requirement
In order to create a cohesive web identity and to ensure the integrity of the University's commitment to a unified web presence, the University has established the following guidelines with respect to domain names:

  1. All websites that are funded and/or sponsored by the University are required to have an LMU.EDU-based web address. This includes all websites for academic, administrative, student-sponsored and/or other organizational units within the University. This also includes personal websites that are hosted by the University.
  2. Unless otherwise permitted, University funds may not be used to purchase or maintain 'non-LMU.EDU' domain names.
  3. Organizational units within the University do not have the authority to register Internet domain names on behalf of the University or their respective organizational unit. The Office of Web Development is the official institutional contact and registrant of domain names on behalf of the University.

Section 3: Domain Name Exceptions
The University may consider granting an exception to the Domain Name Requirement:

  1. External organizations that have been approved to be hosted by the University are permitted to have non-LMU.EDU domain names if they are not wholly owned or controlled by the University. Examples of this exception include non-LMU organizations, professional affiliations, consortia, and cooperatives in which LMU is a member institution. For more details, please reference the Hosting of External Websites Policy' for additional information.
  2. On a case-by-case basis and in unique circumstances, the University may grant an exception to the above requirements. Such requests must be reviewed by the Office of Web Services, and, if applicable, Student Affairs, and approved by the LMU Web Committee and ITAC. Such requests for an exception must establish that a non-LMU.EDU domain name is necessary as part of the normal web operations of the organizational unit AND that the website is targeted to an audience that is not represented by the LMU.EDU web presence. The organizational unit must also demonstrate that the website is substantially different in content and purpose than the LMU.EDU web presence.

Section 4: Domain Name Transition
The University acknowledges that the current University web environment is comprised of non-LMU.EDU domain names. In order to transition non-LMU.EDU domain names to an LMU.EDU domain name, the University will permit current non-LMU.EDU domain names until September, 2004, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Organizational units with non-LMU.EDU domain names must actively engage in the process of transitioning to an LMU.EDU domain name. Transitioning to an LMU.EDU based domain name must be completed as soon as possible. If this transition adversely affects the unit's current operations, September, 2004, is the last permitted deadline for the transition to occur.
  2. In conjunction with the Office of Web Development, the organizational unit must obtain an LMU.EDU-based domain name (website address) by March, 2004. After it has been assigned, the LMU.EDU-based domain name must be used in any marketing, print materials, or other correspondence that refers to a web address.

Section 5: Domain Name Assignment
The University supports the assignment of short, easy-to-use website addresses for all University organizational units. The Office of Web Development coordinates and manages the assignments of officially supported website addresses in order to ensure that websites are easily accessible and consistently named.