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Hosting of External Webs Policy

University organizational units that wish to host websites for non-profit or professional organizations that are not capable of hosting their own website may apply to the University for such purpose.  Among other things, the University will consider the following in connection with such application: 

a)       The organization must be dedicated to the support of higher education.

b)       The University must hold membership in the organization.

c)        A University faculty or staff must sponsor the externally hosted website and be responsible for the content published on the website.

d)       The individual(s) within the nonprofit or professional organization requesting LMU faculty/staff sponsored websites must hold and maintain an executive role within the organization at all times while the University hosting continues.

An application to host a non university web site is available and should be submitted to the Web Committee at least one month in advance of the desired deployment date.  Decisions respecting such application shall be granted or denied in the sole and absolute discretion of the University.

External websites shall be considered personal and shall conform to all policies and regulations for personal websites.

The sponsor of the web site must check with Information Technology Services to ensure the site would function on the university provided server space before deploying it.