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Policies + Guidelines

  • Visual Identity Guidelines
    The complete user's manual for the university logo system.
  • Communications + Design Services Purchasing Policy
    From the University's Purchasing Policy -- it specifies that all print/Web freelancers, consultants and design projects must be pre-approved by Communications + Government Relations in order for the invoices to be paid by the Controller's Office.
  • Campus Graphics Policy
    From the Univesity's Purchasing Policy -- it specificies Campus Graphics as the provider of printing and duplication.  It also defines the university's requirement that all print and/or design work not produced through Campus Graphics must be approved in advance by Communications + Government Relations.
  • Advertising Policy
    Guidelines regarding prior approval of promotional external communication.
  • Public Web Standards Policy
    The policy that sets the global and template standards for university Web sites.
  • Online Publication Release
    For use with online audio, video, webcasts, podcasts and photography.